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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Simone’s anxiety rose as she thought about Friday. She was scheduled to take the State Bar Exam for the fourth time since she completed her Law studies at Yale University. She graduated at the top of her class, and received notoriety as the first African American Female to be given such a high honor.

Simone dialed Lauren, her best friend since Elementary School.

“Lauren, I can’t do it! If I just postpone it one more time, I can have the next month to be completely dedicated to my studies. I’m leaving Will alone, so my mind will be free. It’s been 10 months since I graduated; I have job offers from two of the top firms in the country.”

“Ok Simone. Whatever!”

“What’s the attitude for?”

“No reason, Simone. Do your thing. I just hope that this nigga is willing to take care of your unemployed ass; since apparently beginning the career you’ve worked so hard for is NO LONGER a priority! Listen, I have to get Destiny to school. I’ll catch you later.” She hung up.

Simone opened her file cabinet, and searched for the number to the State Bar Association. She decided that she would reschedule her exam for the last time. She had 30 days to get her shit right.

She scanned her closet for something to wear. She decided on a pair of dark, boot cut Citizens Of Humanity jeans, a crisp white wife beater, and a plum colored shell. She accented with large hoop earrings, one bracelet, and a pair of bad ass 5 inch Gucci pumps she ordered online.

“Damn!” She gave herself a once-over, and headed outside to the car.

As she backed out of the garage, she saw Will pulling up. She hadn’t spoken to him since the incident yesterday morning. She wanted to discuss it with Lauren, but decided it wasn’t such a good idea considering the way the conversation went this morning.

He pulled his car into the driveway, blocking her in. He got out, and walked up to her window.

“Are you ignoring my calls or what? I’ve been calling you since yesterday.”

“Will, did you really think that I had anything to say to you after what happened? I’m so over it. You obviously made your decision. I’ve wasted too much time with this as it is.”

“Baby, what was I supposed to do? My daughter was there!”

Simone continued. “Do you have any idea how ridiculous I feel? I mean, lets think about this. I show up to your business to take you to dinner for your birthday…Only for me to walk in and see your EX Wi…..excuse me…Your WIFE, that you still aren’t divorced from, by the way, standing there with flowers and balloons????? Are you kidding me Will?!?!?!?!!”

“What was I supposed to do?” Will pleaded.

“You were supposed to tell her that YES, you are STILL seeing me. YES we are getting a place together. NOT tell her that you had no idea WHY I was there. NOT that you haven’t spoken with me since she found out about us! THAT’S what you were supposed to do Will.”

“I just don’t want to hurt her more than I already have. The divorce will be final next month. Then, we can tell her. Please try and understand.”

“Move your car. I need to leave.”

Will walked slowly to his car, and got in. He sat there for a few minutes before turning the engine on. Before Simone knew it, her car was being rammed from behind by Will’s truck.

“Will, what are you doing!!!! Stop!!!!” She looked in the rearview, only to see Will screaming and crying hysterically. He backed into the street, and once again placed the car in drive.

Quickly, Simone opened the door, and jumped out of her car, rolling into the grass. Seconds later, Will accelerated, ramming the back of her car, forcing it into the garage door. Her windshield shattered as the garage door came tumbling down at full speed onto the hood of her car.

He backed up, and fled down the street.

That night Simone changed her number. The next morning, she withdrew a thousand dollars from her Savings account and had her car repaired. Thank God Lauren was mad at her, that way she didn’t have to worry about her popping up unannounced, like she usually did.

On her way back home that evening, she received a call from a blocked number.

“Simone, this is Gloria; Will’s wife.”

Simone listened.

“I’m calling you because, this morning, Will overdosed on our daughters ADD medication. He just woke up, and is asking for you. He’s hysterical. I think it would be best for him, if you came down. He’s at Vista View Mental Health Hospital. 4th Floor.”

“I’m on my way,” Simone hung up the phone, made a U turn, and entered the freeway, heading north. She didn’t care about yesterday’s incident. Will needed her.

Simone parked in the parking structure, and took the elevator to the fourth floor. Her stomach was in knots. She fixed her hair, and reapplied her gloss. She still had to make sure she looked decent; especially considering Gloria would be there.

“Hello. Can you tell me what room Will Davenport is in, please?”

The nurse behind the counter looked at Simone before answering her.

“He’s in room 104. May I ask your relationship to the patient, please?”

Simone paused. “I’m a close friend of his.”

“One moment, I received strict orders about who is allowed in the room.” She picked up the rotary phone, and dialed a series of numbers.

“Mrs. Davenport, this is Nurse Rhonda. I have a Simone here to visit the patient. Is it okay to send her in? Oh? Ok, I see. I’ll let her know.”

The heavy set, middle aged woman placed the phone on the cradle, her entire tone strained when she spoke.

“Ms. Simone, is it? The patients WIFE has advised me that due to his fragile state, she would prefer that you NOT disrupt this very difficult time for them. I’m sure you understand this simple request enough to comply without the assistance of security?”

It took everything for Simone not to create a scene in Vista View Mental Health Hospital. What kind of sick game was this bitch playing with her? I mean, Gloria called HER to come down. She gathered her purse from the countertop.

“Thank you, Ma’am. There must have been some miscommunication.”

She turned, and headed towards the elevator.

“Simone, wait!!!” It was Gloria.

Simone turned around, face to face with Will’s wife. She wore a brown, velour sweat suit with BEBE bedazzled across the chest. Her hair was clipped on top of her head, no make up, and simple silver hoop earrings. She had on her wedding ring.

“I called you here so that I could explain a few things to you. Your little year long “affair” with Will, has taken such a toll on his mental state that he is now HERE, in a Psychiatric Hospital. I’ve decided that it is in his best interest for me to stay around until he is well again. We are cancelling the divorce. Please do not make any further attempts to contact him. His number will be changed as of tomorrow morning, and if it becomes an issue, I will have a restraining order filed against you. Any questions?”

Against her better judgment, Simone replied. “Are you kidding me Gloria? YOU have made him crazy with your sick antics, and years of emotional abuse. You haven’t been faithful to him for more than a month at a time. But NOW you care? Why is that, Gloria? Because he has a woman who actually WANTS him now? Gloria is ALWAYS up for a good battle, right? Well, check this out. I’m no longer interested in being your competition. It seems Will, is just as sick as the woman he married. Good Luck to you.”

Simone smiled at Gloria, and got on the elevator. As soon as she got off, she walked over to a grassy area, bent over, and threw up; sick over how she spent the last year of her life.

On her drive home, she thought about how she met Will, and the little interest she initially had in him. They both had a membership to Westside Fitness, and worked out on the same 3 mornings. He made a comment about the way she used one of the Abs machines, and they’ve been in communication since that day.

The first time she went out with Will, he took her skydiving. They shared the same passion for “Extreme Sports”; something she never thought she could have with a black man. They enjoyed the same foods, loved the same music, and had conversations that lasted for hours at a time. Sex with Will wasn’t mind blowing, however the feelings she shared for him intensified things tremendously.

Will was already contemplating divorce when he met Simone; their union was just what he needed to speed up the process.

Simone became infuriated instantly. Here it was, one year later, and STILL, no divorce.

For the next three weeks, Simone studied like never before. Will made no attempt to contact her, and her pride was too strong for any effort to be made on her end.

She spent 4 hours a day at the library, and attended study groups every Friday and Saturday Evening. Her test was in two days, and for the first time, she was ready.

The night before her exam day, Simone stopped at Starbucks for a late night Frap to keep her alert while she “recapped” her material.

She took a seat inside, and grabbed the newspaper while she waited on her coffee.

The front page article paralyzed her.

“Will Davenport, local businessman, dies at 39 by a single gunshot wound to the head.”

To be continued……..