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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Shit.... (9/28/2010)

It's been a minute....I know. But I decided that enough time has passed. I'm ready to put the blunt back in my mutha fuckin mouth, Hennessy in the cognac class, and get back to speaking on some real shit.

I am not your ordinary woman.....Or maybe I am. What I do know is that I speak on shit that most women wouldn't dare think about. When did getting what YOU want from a nigga become taboo?

There is nothing fragile, dainty, or lady-like about what goes on in MY bedroom. Therefore, my specific requests for sexual pleasures shouldn't have to fit that format either.

I mean, how often are we TOLD to give up the pussy on a consistent basis, with descriptive details of HOW to "give it up."?

So..... if I send you a text message telling you to come over in your sexy black boxer briefs, astroglide in one hand, and a whip in the other, be prepared to tie my ass up, and fuck me all night.....NO questions asked. Why does that make ME "too aggressive?" Maybe it really makes you a nigga that just ain't ready for a real bitch? Shall we continue?

WHY is it so wrong for us as women to be upfront and real about our needs? Isn't it every nigga's desire to have a bitch that knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to go after it? Or is it better to waste hours in the bedroom pretending to actually like the bullshit that's going on? Who the fuck has time for that? I for damn sure don't! Not when I could simply address my needs, enjoy a night of Pandora, a little Kush, and head so good you leave my pad with permanent knee marks on the side of your fresh fade.

Don't get me wrong. I like a man to be a MAN and to play his "role" accordingly. My "domineering nature" will NEVER go beyond the confines of our four walls. Except when we go out with friends, or to a business meeting; and I whisper in your ear how I'm going to take all of you in my mouth on the ride home. I might also tell you, right when you feel you're going to explode, that I need you to pull over and let me get on top of you.... just for a little bit. I'll also instruct you to pull into the garage, get out of the car, go inside, and with nothing said, pick me up, and fuck me, against the wall.

I can play submissive too. I am a jack of ALL trades. I believe in doing ALL things necessary to keep the juices flowing between my man and me. I am not above creating the "Sexy Domesticity" role either. Don't be surprised if you come home to a 5 course gourmet meal (dessert included), candles all around the house, sexy music playing, your plate ready as you walk through the door, and me feeding it to you adorned in my white lace lingerie with 5 inch red platform stilettos. After eating, I'll draw your bath water, bathe you, and let you have me ANY way you want me.

The biggest reason WE cheat, is because we are too afraid to express our needs as women. This creates a whole domino effect! We then just attribute it to "that nigga doesn't know what he's doing", or "he doesn't eat pussy". So what do we do? We find another nigga who DOES eat pussy, or who puts it down so good, we swear we made it to heaven. But did you ever stop to think that maybe at one point HE was that SAME nigga you have (at home)...that is until his bitch showed him the ropes? Hmmmm. I wonder.

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